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Seasonal Patterns

One of the great things about keeping a log of your fishing trips is being able to go back to it and see what the fish were doing in any given month and start your next trip using the same pattern.  This has paid off for me MANY times in the past and I am certain it will pay off again.  A lot of people come to East Texas each year from out of town, out of state and even from other countries to take part in some of, if not the best, bass fishing in the world.  Now, nothing beats an up to date fishing report, which we also have, but when that is not available logs from previous trips are hard to beat!  I have compiled a condensed version of my logs that detail the patterns that I have seen time and again on these lakes.  Click on the month that you are interested in to see what the fish should be doing when you get here.

January fishing, fishing in January is kind of slow but very rewarding if your looking for a trophy bass.  The choice of lure will be a jig n pig fished along the creek channels in depths of 4 to 10 feet.  You won't catch a lot of fish but you will have a chance to catch that fish of a life time.  When you come you can bring both summer and winter clothes because our weather will change regularly.  When rigging your tackle you will want a good baitcast  rod and reel combo,my choice is a Lews reel and a Lews rod in a medium heavy and line it up with 20 lb test line.

February, fishing picks up and we begin catching more numbers and some big bass as well.  We will fish some of the same areas as in January, and we will use the jig n pig, spinner baits, crank baits and Carolina rigs.  Your clothing should still be like what you would bring in January.  Your rod reel and line size won't change any through out the year .

March, fishing will be up and down due to the weather because it seems like we get colder weather during March than we do in the earlier months.  Pre-spawn will start up the Preston mode and you can catch good numbers and extra big bass at this time.  The choice of lures will be red rattle traps, spinnerbaits, wacky worms, deep diving crank baits Carolina rigs,,jigs and more .  If you can stand the fronts that come in you can really have some great catches.

April, fishing in April is probably one of my favorite months, the weather will straighten up some and fishing will be very good .  Bass will be on their spawning beds and you can catch big spawning fish or you can move out off the shore lines and fish split shot rigs, wacky worms, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, Texas rig worms and more.  You can expect to see some good warm days but when coming down go ahead and pack for warm and cold days.

May, fishing will be good on bass and crappie you will be able to catch good numbers of fish.  Bass will be good in the shallows and in the deep water and you can catch bass just about any way you want to fish.  Crappie will be great on brush piles and under the bridges and you can expect to catch good numbers.  Clothing for the most part can be more toward warmer clothes but go ahead and throw in a few warm clothes just in case a front were to blow in.

June, fishing will be good in the shallows on top waters and in the deep water you can find great catches on crank baits, Carolina rigs and more.  The weather will be great most of the time and you can really catch some very nice bass.  You will want to dress for warm weather.

July and August, fishing will be good during the day but you will have some fairly warm days.  Bass will be good on deep diving crank baits, Carolina rigs, Texas rigs and more.  Last year we had 9 bass from 8 to 10 lbs. in the heat of the day.  If you don't like the heat then you may want to try out night fishing, its cool and fun .  We will catch bass on spinner baits and my new super craw worm in the new Mr..Twister Exude product line.

September, fishing will be good , the weather will be great and you can catch good numbers of bass.  September is the month that our slot limit will change to 16 to 24 inches.  You can keep only one fish over 24 inches.  If you like to fish tournaments ,you may want to get a guide to show you around and win some really nice prizes and cash.  There will be a lot of money won on under 16 inch fish so come on down and take home the good stuff.

October, fishing will be great on rattle traps as the bass school up .  You can also catch bass on spinner baits, Texas rigged worms, spinner bugs and more.  Bring both warm and summer clothing.  Now if you like to eat fish you might want to try catching some bar-fish they are easy to catch and great eating to.

November, bass are good on jigs , spinnerbaits, and rattle traps.  You can catch some really big bass and you will have less traffic on the lake and this makes fishing better.  Bring some warm clothes for we may have some fronts move through.

December, we catch some good numbers of bass and some big bass to.  You can also catch bar-fish and crappie and catch good numbers to .  The weather can go either way  so come prepared for both warm and cold weather.

This is what has happened in the past few years during each of the months of
the year and you can now plan your next trip to Lake Fork,Palestine or Lake
Cooper.If you have any questions please contact me

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