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Rusty with bass

Rusty Signor

boy with catfish  
young man with bass ricky's bass nice bass
its a beauty Jata with a catch Look what I caught
catfish haul catfish caught big bass
fish big bass bryson with big bass
looking at the fish Ricky and girl with a catfish Girl with a catfish
Little Miss Pruitt with a catfish This is my catfish ricky and lil girl with catfish
Little girl with a catfish woman with a catfish

She loves the fish she caught so much
before releasing it she gave it a kiss!

Al Treveno

Jigs make a difference!

This is Brittany's first Bass.
Congratulations Brittany!


Don Stanley and Brittany
holding a beautiful bass caught while fishing with Ricky

A beautiful hot weather bass caught while fishing with Ricky


Here's Ricky Vandergriff
with a 7 pound bass caught
on his new Cooper Lake
Flipping Tube made by
Mister Twister Exude

Jack Tregullas with a
good Lake Fork bass
caught while fishing with

Guide Ricky Vandergriff with a
 Lake Palestine bass caught on
 a 1/4oz. Rat-L-Trap

Guide Ricky Vandergriff with another Lake Fork trophy bass in late July

Guide Ricky Vandergriff with another hot summer time trophy bass. Come try summer fishing with me and lets see if you can go home a winner too

Guide Ricky Vandergriff with another Lake Fork trophy in late July

Guide Ricky Vandergriff with client Bill Miles on Lake Palestine. These five bass tipped the scales at 18.3 lbs not bad for hot summer time fishing, all fish were released.


Guide Ricky Vandergriff with a late July bass from Lake Palestine


Bill Miles holding another Lake Palestine trophy

Client Tyler holds another trophy hybrid striper

Client Tyler as he shows off another lake Palestine large mouth bass

Guide Ricky Vandergriff

Ricky Vandergriff with 11lb hybrid striper


Client Ed Crawford with a Lake Palestine trophy

Guide Ricky Vandergriff

Ricky Vandergriff with some nice crappie caught on Lake Palestine.

The crappie were caught by Ricky
while fishing on Lake Fork.

Lake Fork and Lake Palestine guide Ricky Vandergriff and his wife Cindy invites you to come fish with us. I have been owner and operater of Rickys Guide Service for 28 years on Lake Palestine and Lake Fork for 14 years.So come fish with experience. You can call us at (903)561-7299 or email me at

Ricky caught this 8 lb Hawg while
fishing Lake Fork.

This bass tipping the scales at 9 lbs was caught on Lake Palestine by Ricky.

Glen and Sophy Moreau caught these nice crappie on a recent guide trip with Ricky.

Mike Nichelini caught this hawg while fishing with Ricky.


Another fine bass caught by Guide Ricky Vandergriff.


Neil Newton caught this big crappie on a recent guide trip with Ricky.

John Nash caught this lunker on an overcast day fishing with Ricky..Great Job!

This is Alan Titus, from Ovilla Tx. caught this Fish tipping the scales at almost 8 lbs
while fishing with Ricky.


Gary Bennett and his father caught these
big crappie while on a recent trip with Ricky.


Professional Fishing Guide
Ricky Vandergriff



This is my dad Roy Vandergriff we were fishing a creek channel on Lake Fork when he landed this 10lb.2oz. Bass.

I dedicate this photo in loving memory of my dad for it was our last fishing trip together on Lake Fork. Thanks dad for the many great times we shared together.

Trevor Martin 10lb striper


David Vincent his largest ever 6lb.3oz. bass


Hunter Woolsey nice Lake Fork Bass

Lucky Moser another nice
Lake Fork Bass

Burt with his all time best crappie ever he caught it at Lake Palestine

Valery Venton with a nice
 Lake Palestine bass


Pet and son with several nice crappie caught on Lake Palestine they were fishing with Burt when he caught his record crappie

Tommy Rickman and son along with myself with a very nice catch of crappie



The Norton’s on a catfish outing

Jimmy Wilkerson rainy days can
be great

Ricky Vandergriff 7lb bass come
in the rain too

Jimmy Wilkerson with a rainy day deep water bass just over 5lbs.

Jimmy Wilkerson shows off another deep water bass

Jimmy with another fine bass

Ricky with a 6lb deep water bass

Jimmy from way up NY way shows
off his 5lb Hybrid Bass

Ricky caught this 8 .5 Hawg on one of his rattling shaky head spinner jigs.




Jerry with a healthy 6lb bass from Lake Palestine on 02-15-2008





 Your Guide Ricky Vandergriff on the right and John West is on the left.

  John and his father Mark


Tom on the left and BJ on the right.  Tom comes up from Austin each year in August to fill her freezer with catfish and this was just another one of those great days. These girls had their limit of catfish that tipped the scales at nine and ten pounds.  They also took home some nice crappie filets as well.  Thanks Tom and BJ for fishing with me here at Ricky's Guide Service on Lake Palestine

Grand son Ryan and his dad Trey as they show off a Lake Palestine perch. For those that have small children try what we do, take your kids fishing for fish they can catch without to much help from dad and they will remember these trips as they get older and the stories they tell afterwards, well they are priceless.

Daughter Allison shows off a Lake Palestine perch. Take your kids fishing for fish they can catch almost every time they cast out and they will tell stories about their fishing trip more than once.

Grandson Ryan show off another Lake Palestine perch as he tells his dad this is the way you do it if you want to catch fish.

Chris Hubbs caught this nice 6lb pre-spawn bass while fishing with using Ricky's Diamond Head Jig

Phil from Dallas with another great bass from Lake Palestine while  fishing with Rickys Guide Service.




Kenna Bock from New York caught this fish on Lake Fork.


Kerry with a cold water bass fishing the new Turbo Tube by Mister Twister Lures.







Ryan, one of ETMC's nurses with a nice
8lb. Bass caught while fishing Lake Fork
with Guide Ricky Vandergriff


Richard from Dallas with a nice crappie caught while fishing with Guide Ricky Vandergriff.


  Ryan, ETMC nurse caught this nice bass while fishing Lake Fork.

Some large crappie caught while fishing with
Guide Ricky Vandergriff.


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